Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Regarding the lineup change. . . .

Hey fans and friends,

I just wanted to clarify a few points with the last blog that maybe got left out. . . . writing that press release was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, so let me take some time and reinforce Powderburn's position in all this.

Firstly, Josh is and will still be one of our very good friends - this is all amicable and we truly do respect his decision. I know every band that hates each other always says "it's mutual and we all still love each other, blah blah blah". Powderburn is like a big Mafia family - once you're in, you're in. Don't be surprised if you see Josh behind the soundboard or jamming a song onstage once in awhile, just like Joel Reyes (we can't get rid of him either, he's like herpes, but herpes that can play drums well, heh). But seriously, the Homegrown show is an ending of sorts, but don't be too sad for Josh. He's got a whole different career that he is VERY good at to look forward to, and he'll still be around, begging you to buy his poor ass a crown and coke.

Secondly, and very importantly - let me assure you of this in a large font so you know I'm serious - POWDERBURN IS NOT BREAKING UP! We have had some advance notice of Josh's wishes for some time, and we've been going through the process of auditioning guitarists not only to find someone who can play well, but will fit right into this crazy family we have going on. We will have some news on that front in the very near future, so keep checking back.

We thank everyone who commented and wished Josh well. I know it means a lot to him, and it definitely means a lot to us that so many of you care. So, rock on, we'll see you on the 5th, and we will have a lot to celebrate about in '08! Later!

- Patrick

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