Monday, December 3, 2007


(December 3rd, 2007)

It is with a heavy heart that Powderburn makes the following announcement - lead guitarist Josh Klayman is parting ways with the band. The following is a personal note from Josh to the fans that have supported the band that he helped create many years ago:

Hey everyone, I just wanna let you all know that the 5th of December will be my final show with Powderburn at the Red Eyed Fly. It's been almost 9 years since I started this thing and its been awesome. However, I fit into this industry on the production side of things as well as the performance side and I'd like to give some other avenues a try that I don't have time to do while in Powderburn. I will still be playing live with most likely a couple bands so I'll keep everyone posted on where to catch me live in 2008! I really wanna thank everyone who ever came and saw us, bought me a beer, sang a song with me onstage, bought a cd or shirt, and basically everyone who helped us in any way.

See you on the 5th!!!


The remaining members of Powderburn, Greg Enkler, Ken Lockman, and Patrick Swift stated the following. "Learning that Josh wanted to leave was a hard thing to understand but over the last few months we've spent numerous hours talking about this and while it's still extremely sad to see him go, we all believe it's for the best thing for everyone. One thing all 4 of us have always agreed on is that things happen for a reason and we believe this change is no exception. It goes without saying though that whoever replaces him with have some big shoes to fill, both musically and personally."

As Josh stated the final Powderburn show with him in the lead guitar role will be the 101X Homegrown show at the Red Eyed Fly in Austin, Texas, on December 5th. The band will play at 11:30 and it's $5 to get in. We strongly urge anyone who has followed this band for any length of time to come out and support Josh in his last moments with the band, and his first moments on his new path.

Powderburn will soon release more information on its lineup change at:


Due to the lineup change Powderburn will be unable to perform on 12/7 in Houston and 12/8 in Brownsville.
The band however will be playing on 12/12 in Austin in Round 5 of the Bodog Battle.

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