Tuesday, September 25, 2007



Powderburn releases concept video for Perfect Line

Perfect Line
WMP High | Youtube

(September 25, 2007) - It has been eight months since Texas metal band Powderburn released their benchmark CD/DVD Echoed In Red. The title track and Here and After have made their presence known on the band's website, along with social networking sites like MySpace, Fuzz, and Virb.

Now, the band has just released its first foray into the concept video. In conjunction with the innovative Austin production company Mercenary Mediums, the video for Perfect Line is now available on the band's website, in the download section, and a lower quality version on is available on YouTube.com. The song itself is now also available to hear on the band's myspace page.

"The video for this song is deliberately weird and obtuse", says drummer Patrick Swift, "We wanted a very open-ended idea because we always prefer someone to get their own ideas from what we create. It makes it belong to everyone that way, as opposed to just our own egos".

The video release precludes a much-anticipated trip to the Big Apple - New York City. The band is performing a showcase at Crash Mansion, a club in the infamous Greenwich Village. The show is all ages and the band performs at 10pm.

For more information on the show or the latest news, go to: www.powderburn.net

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Powderburn to play in NYC on 9/27/07

2007_9_27 It's official! The band based in Texas, yet composed mainly of members from NY/NJ, are finally returning home to play a show @ Crash Mansion on Thursday, September 27th.

As most of you know we've been playing in the south, mainly in TX, for many years now so needless to say we're excited to show NY what we've been crafting all this time....not to mention we're going to consume an illegal amount of pizza.

We fully expect all of our friends, fans, family, baby mommas, homeless people we've given money to, and acquaintances, to be in attendance or we reserve the right to no longer count you as friends, fans, family or homeless. :) We know that not all of you live near the city. But seriously, do whatever you need to do to get there. We've been working like crazy and this show is very important to us on many many levels....take my word for it. So call out sick, skip school, find babysitters (although the show is all ages :), car pool, run a lemonade stand to raise money, and enjoy a nice trip to the city with friends in the fall of 2007 to drink free liquor and witness a band that's 10x better live than on CD. Did I mention we're traveling 28 hours to get there?!

Here's all the details!

Show Time: Thursday September 27, 2007 - 8:00 PM
Venue Name: Crash Mansion
Address: 199 Bowery
City: New York
State: New York
Country: US
Zip Code: 10002
Cost: $10 over 21 $15 under 21

Free whiskey from 8pm-9pm

Powderburn hits the stage at 10pm

All Ages Welcome!
$10 over 21
$15 under 21

Crash Mansion
199 Bowery
New York, NY 10002
(212) 982-7767