Friday, December 13, 2013

Listen to the new EP "432 - Part 2" now....for free!

The new Powderburn EP "432 - Part 2" is now the play button to hear the songs for free!

Having trouble playing it on this page? If so, go directly to:
(It will be on itunes (along with everywhere else in a week or so.)

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The "432 ... Part 2" EP is being released December 14th!

"This is an actual emergency."
- "Wires"

We weren't really sure if we were going to be able to pull this off but somehow, all the pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place that will allow Powderburn to release our second EP in 2013, titled 432 Part 2!

432 Part 2

When we hit the studio last year to record what eventually became the 432 EP, we had to pick only a few songs in order to fit the time constraints we were under.  This meant that we had to set aside some of the other songs we'd written and hopefully be able to release those sometime soon.  Well, that time has thankfully come.

Powderburn will release 432 Part 2 on Saturday, December 14th, 2013 and it will contain 3 original songs along with 2 cover songs.  The album will be available at and the track listing is as follows:

1.  Wires
2.  Prophecy
3.  Silence
4.  Dig Up Her Bones (The Misfits)
5.  Got Me Under Pressure (ZZ Top)

Once again, as is pretty much the mantra with Powderburn, there is a very diverse range of styles and moods with this collection of songs.  Ranging from the fast, aggressive, and angry sounds of "Wires" to the power rock feeling of "Silence", Powderburn once again proves that we operate without a template and play to our strengths as artists without a need to fit in to a particular style.

As if our own music wasn't enough, we decided to throw in a couple extra treats in the mix.  "Dig Up Her Bones" by The Misfits has been in the Powderburn set at various times since the early 2000's.  We also pay homage to fellow Texas rockers ZZ Top with our rendition of their classic song "Got Me Under Pressure".

As part of the release festivities, Powderburn will be playing the annual A Very Metal Christmas show also on December 14th @ Dirty Dog Bar in Austin, TX along with our good friends from Snake Skin Prison and Inch of Dark.  Normally, you'd be hearing some of these new songs as part of the set, but due to Eric falling off a grocery store horsey carousel and breaking his collarbone, we're going to hold off on that until we're a little more rehearsed.  BUT...and this is a big but...the venue WILL be playing the tracks over the PA right before Powderburn's set.  So, come early and instead of just watching us setup and yell at each other because Princess Joel didn't get enough space onstage, you can listen to 432 Pt. 2 over the PA.

2013 has been an interesting year for Powderburn and we can't think of a better way to finish it off than with another EP release and a Christmas show with some of our good friends.  Spread the word about Powderburn and their new release...and we will be seeing you in the pit!!




Local Licks!! New EP preview! TONIGHT!

Hello Powderburn'onians!!!

Sorry for the short notice, but if you want to hear one of the tracks off our new EP that's about to be released, then tune into KLBJ (93.7FM) Local Licks with Loris Lowe TONIGHT at 11:00pm Central time!  If you want to listen to the broadcast via the web, you can point your little ol browser of your choice over to:

If you want a complete list of how you can listen, see here:

Which track will she play?  Who knows, but all signs point to a cover of a fellow Texas based band.  You might have heard of em...but you'll have to tune in to find out. She will also be giving out tixx to A Very Metal Christmas which will feature Powderburn along with our good friends from Snake Skin Prison and Inch of Dark.

More to come on the new EP release in another post very soon!!  Stay tuned!!

KLBJ FM 93.7
Local Licks with Loris Lowe