Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fort Bliss...we're coming back with P.O.D. and Flyleaf!

Well...we told you so!

Powderburn is proud to announce our return to Fort Bliss in El Paso, TX on Saturday August 3rd, 2013 where we will be playing a free show for the troops!! We've been on a campaign to return ever since our last time there when we shared the stage with Drowning Pool.  The stars, planets, and key hairs in Eric's beard have finally aligned to make it happen once more.

As if this weren't enough, we will be sharing the stage with platinum selling artists P.O.D.,  Flyleaf, (a fellow Central Texas band) and Stars In Stereo as they make a stop there on their tour. As always, it's an honor to perform for our troops, their families, and their friends and we look forward to seeing everyone again!

Powderburn will hit the stage at 5pm - Check out the flyer below for full details!

Friday, July 12, 2013

We miss our troops!

As Powderburn has been involved in the process of booking shows, and doing our best to fill up our calendar as much as possible, we sometimes sit and ask each other where we would like to play. Being in Austin, TX has a great advantage over other cities in Texas because we are right in the middle of Houston, Dallas, and San of course we love playing those places as often as possible because they are all within four hours of Austin. However, Powderburn has always had a very special connection to the military bases in El Paso, TX (Fort Bliss which 10 hours from Austin) and Killeen, TX (Fort Hood which is 1 hour from Austin).

A couple of years ago, Ft. Bliss was a very "out of the way" stop for us and we weren't quite sure what to expect. All we knew was that we had a very unique opportunity to play for real true American heroes and that was what made these opportunities very special. One of the most memorable shows was a free "Rock The Fort" show held directly on the Fort Hood grounds where Powderburn was direct support for our longtime friends Drowning Pool. We knew it was going to be a good show as  Drowning Pool has a very strong relationship with the armed forces. Still, walking out onstage to 10,000 people was something that we couldn't even have predicted in our wildest dreams. It was very much a defining moment in Powderburn history that reminded us that we're part of something bigger in the music world and that we have and continue to leave our mark in the world of entertainment. But, one of the most moving and inspiring aspects of playing at Ft. Bliss is the chance and honor to be able to sit down and talk face to face with the troops about their experiences and their sacrifices for our country. It truly is a very eye opening experience when you take a few moments to listen to someone describe their life in the military.

With that, Powderburn is trying to return back to Fort Bliss as soon as possible and we thought it would be nice to share a little video with you to show how hard we are trying. We miss you Ft. Bliss and we'll be back very soon. We also would love to play in Fort Hood whenever the opportunity arises. Thank you for all your sacrifices and your dedication to making the United States the country it is today.

-with much respect and admiration,