Friday, December 12, 2008

Powderburn's Final Show

Powderburn to play final show of year

(Austin, Texas - December 10th)

After a long, intense year of recording, playing on shows like the Mayhem Tour, and incorporating a new lead guitarist, Austin-based POWDERBURN is preparing to wind down for the holidays and take a well-deserved break. However, because POWDERBURN knows there's no fans like their Austin fans, the band is setting up one final show for the hometown crowd.

The time and place for the last throwdown of '08 is December 20th, at the renowned Austin venue Emo's. So grab some friends and join the band for one last huge party . . . that is, before the one last huge party on New Year's Eve. Due to the fact that no member of Powderburn intends on being able to even stand upright on New Year's Eve, this is your last shot to party with the band and hear some great music.

Joining POWDERBURN for this end of year event are local favorites Deejer and One-Eyed Doll, two very different bands that nevertheless offer a great live show and serious melody and songwriting. "One of my favorite things about this show is who we're playing with", says drummer Patrick Swift, "Both bands are good friends of ours who we haven't really done shows with before, and I think they blend well with what we do. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised." Another band who mixes well and puts on a live show is Houston's own Lonestar Pornstar, who will also be playing with POWDERBURN for the first time.

As this is the final show for 2008, the band has planned some serious surprises, and believe that it will be worth your time to come and see just what they have in store for the end of the year.

The doors open at 8 PM, and it's worth your while to get there early. POWDERBURN and the other bands have prepared a little Christmas surprise for the first 100 people to come in the door, so do your makeup in the car on the way, and hit the drive-thru on your way down to Emo's. See you there!

Powderburn to headline Dimefest in Houston

Powderburn to headline Dimefest in Houston

December is the month for not only buying presents for friends and family, but for taking a good look around and seeing what you can do for people in need during the holiday times. Austin-based metal band Powderburn is getting in the Santa spirit as they headline the 2nd annual event in Houston, Texas, which will be now and forever dubbed "Dimefest". This year's event will be this Saturday,December 13th, at the rock club FBI # 1.

"Dimefest" was chosen as the name for this event for two simple reason - it's ten cents to get in the door, and a cup of beer will cost you ten cents. The bands are donating their time and music, and the four kegs of beer have been donated by the venue.

Another connotation of the name is the universal love in the metal community for the legend known as Dimebag Darrell. What many people may not know is that he was into the giving spirit as well, as he worked with an amazing charity called Little Kids Rock. Little Kids Rock donates brand-new instruments to public schools, so today's kids can turn into tomorrow's concert violinists, Broadway pit performers, or maybe even rock stars. The list of other performers who have worked with LKR goes on and on, including Jason Newstead, Paul Simon, Neil Peart, Joe Satriani, Ringo Starr and Brad Delson of Linkin Park.

Ken Lockman, singer of Powderburn, states: "Being so close to the holidays, Powderburn felt it was good timing to do something for the kids. In this kind of situation, everyone wins - A good show, unbelievably cheap beer, and knowing you did something good for the kids, too!"

In Dime's honor, all the proceeds of the night will be donated to Little Kids Rock, with the blessings of all the bands involved. A local business, Destin Drywall and Paint, has also donated a Dimebag-style Dean Razorback Guitar, which will be raffled off and the proceeds given to Little Kids Rock.

The show starts at 7 PM, and joining Powderburn on the stage will be the following bands" Sounds of a Solemn Mind, Cavernous, Face Meets Pavement, Epic, Aerial Second, and Nocturnal Madness.

So if you're feeling the Christmas spirit, come out to FBI this weekend and have a good time for very cheap, and put an instrument in the hands of a kid who may just be the next Slash, Jason Newstead, or Joey Jordison! As Powderburn's bassist Greg Enkler says: "It's Dimefest, so at these prices you can't blame the recession - see you there!"

FBI #1 is on 11528 Jones Road in Houston, TX 77070, and the phone is (281) 807-4116.