Friday, April 3, 2015

Where has Powderburn been?

Hey everyone, Joel here...

So, I was on the internets googling random stuff like "health benefits of bacon" and "how to discuss single rider tandem biking with your guitar player" and I realized that I haven't taken a look at my own band's website in a long while.  I check it out and realize that we haven't posted a single damn thing in over a year.

What the hell gives?

No excuses here, but I think this had something to do with the fact that the band decided to go on hiatus for a little bit so we could pursue individual things in our lives.  Or, maybe we're starting a new Olympic curling team.  If you've hung out with us long enough, you would know that the last possibility is not that far from the truth.  The topic of curling is something that occurs frequently in social conversations within our little group...usually accompanied with a nice glass of Courvoisier.

Here's some info on curling:

And Courvoisier:

I seem to remember at some point last year we all sat down and asked each other where we were at in our lives and how in pertains to Powderburn.  Now, I don't remember exact details but I'm going to quote what I do seem to recall:

Ken:  "You know, I sometimes feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again."

Joel:  "Greg!!  You're out of beer!  I only drive my ass all the way up here for one thing...and it's not for stupid meetings!  It's for F**KING beer!"

Greg: "I'm really starting to feel more and more Texan by the day and I think I'm ready to begin my transition into renouncing my Yankeehood and upgrading to Southern Pride.  I wasn't born here, but I'm glad I got here as fast as I could!!"

Eric:  "...."  (Eric really didn't say anything, he just stared at his iPhone for two hours with random giggles from time to time while showing us pics of...well....we'll just leave that out of the description)

So what are we up to now?  I think it's just life as usual for the moment while we figure out our next project.  Moving forward, Powderburn wants to make sure that when we commit ourselves to something whether it be a show or an album or whatever, that we commit 100% of our focus as a band on it.  We have a lot going on in our personal lives and sometimes that conflicts with the time and attention needed to make sure that we give our fans the best product we can.

For now, stay tuned and we'll keep you updated with whatever we have going on in the world of Powderburn.

Keep it metal everyone!!

-Joel and the rest of Powderburn

P.S. =>  Oh yeah...speaking of personal lives, Greg had a kid recently.  Well, not like GREG had the kid...his wife did.  Wow...saying that Greg has a wife and a kid seems very strange now that I type it out.

P.S.S. =>  Said child (a son by the way) will FOREVER be a Texan.  Be sure to remind Greg of that whenever you see him.  You can also tweet him:  @GregEnkler


Friday, March 14, 2014

SXSW Cares Fund

We want to thank everyone who came to our show this past Wednesday in Austin, TX. We had fun, however as you may have heard, there was a terrible accident  a few blocks away that impacted many other people that were attending South by Southwest (SXSW).

We wanted to share the following note from our friends in the Austin Music Foundation:

The tragedy that took place on the streets of SXSW on March 13 have left us speechless and heartbroken for the families and friends who lost their loved ones. From all of us at AMF, our hearts and love go out to the victims, first responders, City of Austin and of course the worldwide music community as we remember just how precious life is.

SXSW and the City of Austin have created a SXSW Cares Fund to help people affected by the tragic events of March 13, 2014 and future possible events.  The funds will be disbursed to those most affected through a community-based process to be created by representatives of SXSW, the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau and the City of Austin with the Austin Community Foundation.


Let's join together as a community that is united far beyond the 10 days of SXSW and do anything we can to help out the families of the victims as they undergo this challenging time.


As always, we thank you for your continued support.


  • The Blood Center of Central Texas (Type O & Type O Negative): 512-206-1266

  • Victim Services can be reached at 512-974-5037

  • Witnesses should call APD at 512-974-5186 or email

  • Local musicians and their dependents impacted by this event and seeking counseling are encouraged to contact the SIMS Foundation confidential client line at 512-494-1007.

  • Grief counseling is being provided by The American Red Cross

    • Work hours- 800-928-4271 ext 1132

    • After hours- 512-516-0302

    • Looking for loved ones. 800-928-4271 ext 1121, 1122, 1124

    • After hours- 979-436-8940

Musically yours,

Austin Music Foundation

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Monday, March 3, 2014

SXSW and Texas Rockfest

It has begun once again...

SXSW will be officially kicking off on Friday March 7th, 2014 here in our hometown of Austin, TX.

As we all know by now, this is when it seems like everyone in the known universe decides to come to Austin to enjoy their particular flavor of fun, food, panels, and traffic gridlock nightmares.  Historically speaking, this is around the time when Powderburn comes out of their winter hibernation and plays their first shows of the year and 2014 will be no exception.

Continuing our tradition, we will be playing off the SXSW grid at Adam Brewer's Heart of Texas Rockfest located at 7th & Neches on March 12th (Wednesday).  We are slated to go on at 11:00pm so this will give everyone time to head downtown and find parking before we hit the stage.  As always, Rockfest is FREE and requires no badges or wristbands or arms/legs or whatever else the SXSW people are asking people to contribute this year.  Rockfest is a celebration of the music, musicians, and their fans and continues to deliver by providing a wide variety of music to choose from among the 100 or so bands that play this festival every year.

Some of the other acts on the bill for March 12th are: Dharma Kings featuring David Komie, Thunderosa, and Memory of a Melody...and many more.

We look forward to seeing y'all there!!

...and as always, we'll see you in the pit.

Joel, Ken, Greg, Eric



Thursday, January 30, 2014

Was 2013 the final year for the band?

To all the Powderburn friends and family,

Can you believe it? There is only one day left of January 2014....time is flying by! If you've been a Powderburn fan for a number of years you know that Powderburn has won a fair share of music awards, all thanks to votes from cool people like yourself. Since the band is based in Austin, TX the Austin Music Awards has always been extra special to the band....which brings us to the point of this email.

Tomorrow is the last day to cast your vote for the current Austin Music Awards and this will be the first, and only request, for your vote. Just like previous years it only takes a minute to vote, and you do not have to live in Austin or fill out the entire form to vote for the band.

To place your one minute vote:
-Go to
-Click on the "Best Performing Bands" tab and type in Powderburn for "Metal"
-Click on the "Required Information" tab and fill in the fields.
-Click "Submit Ballot" at the bottom.
It's so easy that your baby brother's 3 year old brother can probably do it on an iPad in 30 seconds.

Was 2013 the final year that Powderburn won an award?! We certainly hope not! Keep the streak alive by voting now.

Interesting Powderburn Austin Music Awards facts:

- Since Powderburn formed, the band has been in the top 10 list of "metal" bands EVERY SINGLE YEAR. The only band in the "metal" category to do this in this time span.

- During all these years, Powderburn was a top five band 10 times

- During all these years, Powderburn was the number #1 band 4 times!!!

- In 2002-2003, Powderburn also won a "Best MP3" award for the track "Nation" off of their self titled CD

Still reading? :) If so, it's time head on over to...

...and cast your vote to keep Powderburn as one of Austin's top metal bands. You do not have to fill out every category to submit your vote but this is your opportunity to let your voice be heard about who you feel are the best performers in the Austin music scene!

Thank you very very very much!!


Friday, December 13, 2013

Listen to the new EP "432 - Part 2" now....for free!

The new Powderburn EP "432 - Part 2" is now the play button to hear the songs for free!

Having trouble playing it on this page? If so, go directly to:
(It will be on itunes (along with everywhere else in a week or so.)

Let us know what you think by posting a comment on the Powderburn facebook page.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The "432 ... Part 2" EP is being released December 14th!

"This is an actual emergency."
- "Wires"

We weren't really sure if we were going to be able to pull this off but somehow, all the pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place that will allow Powderburn to release our second EP in 2013, titled 432 Part 2!

432 Part 2

When we hit the studio last year to record what eventually became the 432 EP, we had to pick only a few songs in order to fit the time constraints we were under.  This meant that we had to set aside some of the other songs we'd written and hopefully be able to release those sometime soon.  Well, that time has thankfully come.

Powderburn will release 432 Part 2 on Saturday, December 14th, 2013 and it will contain 3 original songs along with 2 cover songs.  The album will be available at and the track listing is as follows:

1.  Wires
2.  Prophecy
3.  Silence
4.  Dig Up Her Bones (The Misfits)
5.  Got Me Under Pressure (ZZ Top)

Once again, as is pretty much the mantra with Powderburn, there is a very diverse range of styles and moods with this collection of songs.  Ranging from the fast, aggressive, and angry sounds of "Wires" to the power rock feeling of "Silence", Powderburn once again proves that we operate without a template and play to our strengths as artists without a need to fit in to a particular style.

As if our own music wasn't enough, we decided to throw in a couple extra treats in the mix.  "Dig Up Her Bones" by The Misfits has been in the Powderburn set at various times since the early 2000's.  We also pay homage to fellow Texas rockers ZZ Top with our rendition of their classic song "Got Me Under Pressure".

As part of the release festivities, Powderburn will be playing the annual A Very Metal Christmas show also on December 14th @ Dirty Dog Bar in Austin, TX along with our good friends from Snake Skin Prison and Inch of Dark.  Normally, you'd be hearing some of these new songs as part of the set, but due to Eric falling off a grocery store horsey carousel and breaking his collarbone, we're going to hold off on that until we're a little more rehearsed.  BUT...and this is a big but...the venue WILL be playing the tracks over the PA right before Powderburn's set.  So, come early and instead of just watching us setup and yell at each other because Princess Joel didn't get enough space onstage, you can listen to 432 Pt. 2 over the PA.

2013 has been an interesting year for Powderburn and we can't think of a better way to finish it off than with another EP release and a Christmas show with some of our good friends.  Spread the word about Powderburn and their new release...and we will be seeing you in the pit!!




Local Licks!! New EP preview! TONIGHT!

Hello Powderburn'onians!!!

Sorry for the short notice, but if you want to hear one of the tracks off our new EP that's about to be released, then tune into KLBJ (93.7FM) Local Licks with Loris Lowe TONIGHT at 11:00pm Central time!  If you want to listen to the broadcast via the web, you can point your little ol browser of your choice over to:

If you want a complete list of how you can listen, see here:

Which track will she play?  Who knows, but all signs point to a cover of a fellow Texas based band.  You might have heard of em...but you'll have to tune in to find out. She will also be giving out tixx to A Very Metal Christmas which will feature Powderburn along with our good friends from Snake Skin Prison and Inch of Dark.

More to come on the new EP release in another post very soon!!  Stay tuned!!

KLBJ FM 93.7
Local Licks with Loris Lowe