Friday, April 3, 2015

Where has Powderburn been?

Hey everyone, Joel here...

So, I was on the internets googling random stuff like "health benefits of bacon" and "how to discuss single rider tandem biking with your guitar player" and I realized that I haven't taken a look at my own band's website in a long while.  I check it out and realize that we haven't posted a single damn thing in over a year.

What the hell gives?

No excuses here, but I think this had something to do with the fact that the band decided to go on hiatus for a little bit so we could pursue individual things in our lives.  Or, maybe we're starting a new Olympic curling team.  If you've hung out with us long enough, you would know that the last possibility is not that far from the truth.  The topic of curling is something that occurs frequently in social conversations within our little group...usually accompanied with a nice glass of Courvoisier.

Here's some info on curling:

And Courvoisier:

I seem to remember at some point last year we all sat down and asked each other where we were at in our lives and how in pertains to Powderburn.  Now, I don't remember exact details but I'm going to quote what I do seem to recall:

Ken:  "You know, I sometimes feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again."

Joel:  "Greg!!  You're out of beer!  I only drive my ass all the way up here for one thing...and it's not for stupid meetings!  It's for F**KING beer!"

Greg: "I'm really starting to feel more and more Texan by the day and I think I'm ready to begin my transition into renouncing my Yankeehood and upgrading to Southern Pride.  I wasn't born here, but I'm glad I got here as fast as I could!!"

Eric:  "...."  (Eric really didn't say anything, he just stared at his iPhone for two hours with random giggles from time to time while showing us pics of...well....we'll just leave that out of the description)

So what are we up to now?  I think it's just life as usual for the moment while we figure out our next project.  Moving forward, Powderburn wants to make sure that when we commit ourselves to something whether it be a show or an album or whatever, that we commit 100% of our focus as a band on it.  We have a lot going on in our personal lives and sometimes that conflicts with the time and attention needed to make sure that we give our fans the best product we can.

For now, stay tuned and we'll keep you updated with whatever we have going on in the world of Powderburn.

Keep it metal everyone!!

-Joel and the rest of Powderburn

P.S. =>  Oh yeah...speaking of personal lives, Greg had a kid recently.  Well, not like GREG had the kid...his wife did.  Wow...saying that Greg has a wife and a kid seems very strange now that I type it out.

P.S.S. =>  Said child (a son by the way) will FOREVER be a Texan.  Be sure to remind Greg of that whenever you see him.  You can also tweet him:  @GregEnkler



  1. Well its been too damn long. I hear there maybe a show coming shortly? -Tre-

    1. It's true! We will most likely be playing Dimefest on August 22nd in Houston, TX.

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