Saturday, September 22, 2012

Details about October 5th in Austin, TX

As you may recall the band recently played a show at Elysium in Austin, TX. This show was referred to as the 'return to our stomping grounds' show because this is the exact venue the band used to play every Thursday night in the band's infancy.  We had such a good time that night that we decided to book another show there and it's coming up on Friday, October 5th!

Have you been to Elysium before? There are few places with the unique atmosphere like Elysium has. It's on the corner of 7th and Red River, which is a super short walk from historic 6th street in downtown Austin. If you haven't been there, or been there recently, check out a few photos below; you can check out even more on Elysium facebook page.

While it is primary referred to as a "goth bar" do not let that scare you away even if you are not into the goth scene. It's a really cool place and it even features air conditioning. That sounds like a joke, but believe it or not many 'venues' in Austin do not have working air conditioning, even though it's frequently over 85 degrees at night. In addition to the joy of cool air, the staff is all super coo, not to mention a lot of them have been working there since Powderburn started, so naturally there is a lot of history with this venue.

On Friday, October 5th the band will be sharing the stages with Solarfuse and Suicide Panda. If you've been a long time Powderburn fan you may recall Solarfuse from the Backroom days, or perhaps just a few years ago when the bands played a Halloween show on 6th street. Solarfuse is an 'industrial metal' band that always puts on an entertaining show and Suicide Panda will be opening the show with a cool raunchy electronic DJ set!

So make plans to get there early and stay late. Suicide Panda will go on around 9:30/10pm and Powderburn at midnight. It's good to get out of the house and see some live music once in a while. The price is $10 to get in and ages 18+ are welcome. We know you'll gladly spend your hard earned money by paying for a ticket to go see Little Mermaid 3d for $19 so why not see a killer show in your own backyard!? Yes, we know it's tempting to sit at home playing Call of Duty every night, or showing off your poker skills at partypoker, but once in a while it's healthy to make plans to go out.

705 Red River Street Austin, TX 78701
(512) 474-2285

So this is your chance, Friday, October 5th in Austin, TX @ Elysium....take off work, find a babysitter, and enjoy yourself in downtown deserve it!



Friday, September 14, 2012


We hate to do this, but unfortunately due to drummer Joel Reyes being hit with a particularly bad illness we will not not be able to play our Houston show tonight. He's been ordered on bed rest due to very high fever and dehydration among other symptoms. Believe us, if he knew he could play then he would, but for now he needs to rest up and get better. Sorry for the late notice everyone!!! If you are in Houston please be sure to check out our Austin friends, Solarfuse, who will still be playing the show tonight at 19th Hole. Not to mention lead guitarist Eric, a Houston native, will most likely be in attendance.