Monday, September 12, 2005

Thank you - The Zippo show was awesome

Many thanks to everyone who came out to our Zippo show this Friday in was everything we had hoped! I have to admit we were a little nervous around 9:30pm because there weren't many people there yet but when we went on at 11pm, the Red Eyed Fly was packed back to front and everyone was going crazy. It was awesome!!

We've been fortunate to play lots of cool shows in front of large crowds in the past, but there was a certain excitement in the air that night that I’ve only experienced a couple of times before. The whole band could just feel how much everyone there wants us to win this contest and we'd like to thank you all very much for that.

The Austin winner won't be announced until early October, but with the amount of people I saw voting I think we stand an excellent chance....hopefully all the judges liked the show as much as you guys did!

Check out these pics from the show taken by toolhead. (Don't mind the massive amounts of was hot one)

Here's a video about the event:

Powderburn (Austin, TX semi-finalist) in Zippo Hot Tour competition.