Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Today is Greg's birthday!

Happy Birthday to Powderburn bassist Greg Enkler!!!

The band members and crew have shared their thoughts about Greg down below.

We would love to hear from you too! If you would join us on facebook today to share your thoughts and to learn all kinds of Greg info. If you have any pics with Greg, of Greg, or about Greg, we would love to see them. Here is a Greg tidbit that we recently posted on facebook :




"Did you know Greg wrote the main riff on "Erased" from our 2003 album? Listen to it here and maybe even buy a copy to show Greg your support. :)













KenLockman (Vocals and Rhythm Guitar):


"Greg has really stood the test of time. The other day I was curious to know just how many shows he and I have played together and I counted it to be over 600 shows!!! That is an amazing feat for a band that has operated without a record label and I am proud that we have been able to hold it together this long. The fact is most bands break up after 3-4 years and with only a handful of shows under their belts, yet Powderburn remains alive and kicking and it has everything to do with the members in this band and their ability to grow as a unit.



We all change over the years but hopefully we do not lose the things that define us in the first place and Greg has not lost those things. He remains a strong song writer, has a natural ability to compose harmonies and is literally one of the most solid/consistent bass players I have ever seen."





Eric Anthony (Lead Guitar):


MLB recruiter: Hey Mr. Enkler, how would you like to play baseball for the Yankees.

Greg: Do I have to cut my hair and quit smoking and stop playing music?

MLB Recruiter : Yes, but you will make millions.

Greg: Suck my bass!


"I think that’s greg in a nutshell. His passion for music is only matched by his passion for making pizza. (which is some of the best I’ve ever had). Without greg, we would only have speed thrash songs (which I'm cool with). Hell, we wouldn't even be able to play shows - Who's going to drive, or load/unload the trailer? If it wasn't for Greg, I would be dead. Seriously, I passed out under the van one time. Ken would of never looked for me. Between his knowledge of sports, mafia movies, mechanics & recipes…there’s still a little room left to write some pretty kick ass music. He also hates chicken."




Joel Reyes (Drums):


"Greg in a lot of ways is the heart of this band. He has more drive and determination than most entire bands combined.


I also look up to him not only as a person, but as a musician because he constantly finds ways to make me into a better drummer with his ideas. I'm very thankful to celebrate yet another one of his birthdays with him not just as my bassist, but as my friend."





Dizzy (Lights, Sound, Guitar Tech, Tigers):




Seriously! If he got paid what standard roadies got paid, (not including his bass-ing abilities) he would be making $200 for load in, $200 for load out, and .40 a mile for driving, with 8 hour breaks for every 10 driven, and a 600 mile limit per day!



Gurg does too much work just to get to swing his head around on stage!






Bippie Super Bulgaria (Road Crew):

“Every time I see you I miss my hair a lil more. Happy Birthday man!”










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