Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Shows and Video Premiere Party!!!

This is Patrick, letting you know what's going on this upcoming week in Austin. As you might have heard, we have this little week-long event here called South By Southwest, and we're getting in on the action as usual! This is an important time for us and we need your help and support more than ever!

Wednesday, March 15th is when it all kicks off, at the Spill Bar on 6th Street. We're playing the Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass Festival again this year, and while the show last year was fun, this one is set to blow the doors off every show before it! We're playing with a ton of great bands, and we're taking the stage at midnight. We need every fan, friend, and ex-girlfriend to show up to this show, it's a very important night for us. . . . and that's all I can say about it right now!

We're are giving you one whole day to recover from what we're gonna bring to Spill, and then we move the party over to The Firehouse Lounge on Friday, March 17th, right off of Sixth Street, where we are going to premiere our brand new video - a concept video we shot for the song "Perfect Line", off our upcoming CD/DVD combo "Echoed in Red"! We did this video with the immensely-talented
Mercenary Mediums, and they did a hell of a job! This will be a free party, from 7 PM to 9 PM, ages 21 and up, and we'll have Bud specials and all kinds of free Jagermeister stuff to give away! This is an event you don't want to miss! (If you were in the video and under the age 21, please shoot us an email)

And finally, we're closing the SXSW week out with a show on the outdoor stage on Saturday afternoon, at 12 noon - also a part of the Heart of Texas Festival! The Rockstar Energy Drink stage is at 6th and Trinity, and we'll clear your Friday hangover (and ours) with some good old-fashioned Texas metal! We'll be playing a bunch of songs off the new record and hitting the bars afterward, so come early,check out the show, and then tie an early one on with us!

So, again I have to say that we have the best fans in the whole fuckin' world, and we need all of you to come out and support
on this important week of shows, videos, and Jager-drinkin'! Come on out and show the world that Texas metal is some of the best
in the country!


Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Reach out and touch someone . . .

Hey all, this is Patrick, just dropping in to let you know about what's going on in Powderburn-Land. . . . .

We are in the final stages (mixing/mastering/swearing and screaming) of completing our newest record, which unless something goes terribly wrong, will be a CD/DVD combo. The CD will have six songs and will be titled Echoed in Red, and the DVD will have interviews with all four members, 3 music videos, and probably some behind-the-scenes stuff with us likely being drunk and stupid.

There will likely be a complete re-vamp of the website to correspond to the record, and I assume there will likely be new merchandise as well. Now you can all have the shirt you always wanted with our four pretty faces - or you can use it to clean up oil spills . . . whatever works for you. =)

We have some big shows coming up - we will offically release the news when the other parties involved do the same. Sit tight, kids, this is gonna be pretty badass. . . . . .

Also, if you live in the Valley, or Dallas, or Lubbock, or (insert name of city/town/village/podunk in Texas) and we haven't played your town in months or even a year, hang on - we're going to be throwing our show schedule into high gear when the record comes out, so we'll probably be drinking, fighting, and rocking in your town very soon. . . . so hide your Budweiser, Jagermeister, and probably your girlfriends too, Josh is kind of touchy-feely when he's had a few. Heh.

We will be playing in Austin during the South By Southwest week, at the Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass Festival - all that info is on our page and on the website, and hell - you don't even need a seven-thousand dollar wristband to get in, so you have no fucking excuse. Come drink and kick some ass with us!

I've noticed a lot of new faces on our friends page over the past month or so - welcome to the party - grab a drink and hold on tight, 'cause '06 is fuckin' Powderburn's year, people!