Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Reach out and touch someone . . .

Hey all, this is Patrick, just dropping in to let you know about what's going on in Powderburn-Land. . . . .

We are in the final stages (mixing/mastering/swearing and screaming) of completing our newest record, which unless something goes terribly wrong, will be a CD/DVD combo. The CD will have six songs and will be titled Echoed in Red, and the DVD will have interviews with all four members, 3 music videos, and probably some behind-the-scenes stuff with us likely being drunk and stupid.

There will likely be a complete re-vamp of the website to correspond to the record, and I assume there will likely be new merchandise as well. Now you can all have the shirt you always wanted with our four pretty faces - or you can use it to clean up oil spills . . . whatever works for you. =)

We have some big shows coming up - we will offically release the news when the other parties involved do the same. Sit tight, kids, this is gonna be pretty badass. . . . . .

Also, if you live in the Valley, or Dallas, or Lubbock, or (insert name of city/town/village/podunk in Texas) and we haven't played your town in months or even a year, hang on - we're going to be throwing our show schedule into high gear when the record comes out, so we'll probably be drinking, fighting, and rocking in your town very soon. . . . so hide your Budweiser, Jagermeister, and probably your girlfriends too, Josh is kind of touchy-feely when he's had a few. Heh.

We will be playing in Austin during the South By Southwest week, at the Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass Festival - all that info is on our page and on the website, and hell - you don't even need a seven-thousand dollar wristband to get in, so you have no fucking excuse. Come drink and kick some ass with us!

I've noticed a lot of new faces on our friends page over the past month or so - welcome to the party - grab a drink and hold on tight, 'cause '06 is fuckin' Powderburn's year, people!


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