Monday, April 8, 2013

Texas's not quite over yet

As if Adam Brewer's Heart of Texas Rockfest, smack dab in the middle of SXSW, wasn't enough to bring you a hefty dose of rock and metal, he decided to keep the party going with his Rockfest Rewind shows on Saturday April 13th, 2013. There will be over 20 bands playing between the War Horse bar and it's new next door neighbor Project Infest (Formally Antones) and you can be part of the Rockfest party that keeps going long after SXSW is over for only $10. The $10 will get you in to both clubs (or you can choose to only get into one for $6) and there is a virtual who's who of Rockfest artists playing in both clubs. Powderburn will be playing Project Infest at 11:15pm sharp...and if that wasn't enough, we will be playing in block with other Austin bands Black Earth, Critical Assembly and Dirty Wormz. Let us go through that once more...

10:30pm - Black Earth
11:15pm - Powderburn
12:00am - Critical Assembly
12:45am - Dirty Wormz

All for $10!!! People, this is no brainer....why are you still sitting here reading this and not spreading the word??? Hit a share or like button or something. Call your radio station and tell them to plug this show, call your congressman and tell them to make it Rockfest day, call your psychic and ask them how your life will be changed from this one something!!!!

Rockfest Rewind
Saturday April 13th, 2013

RVSP on the Facebook invite

War Horse & Project Infest (old Antones)
$10 for both clubs or $6 for one
Doors at 5:00pm
Powderburn at 11:15pm SHARP


BONUS: The FIRST 100 at the door that purchase the 2 club wristband ($10) get a free ROCKFEST CD featuring 14 bands from 2013. The new Powderburn song "Crash" from the 432 EP is on this CD! What a deal!



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