Friday, February 15, 2013

A big huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the Feb 9th show in Austin!!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was able to make it out to our show on Saturday despite having to deal with the Mardi Gras weekend chaos. This was a very special show for Powderburn because it was also a way for us to celebrate the release of the "432" EP that was funded by Powderburn fans from all over through a kickstarter campaign.

It was very exciting to see just how many of you made it out! We had fans that drove from all over Texas to be there (and keep in mind TX is 12+ hours long), along with radio DJs such as Chuck Loesh from 101x's No Control, as well as tons of local bands showing their support such as 7 Miles an Hour, Dead Strangers, Black Thorn Halo, and many more!

The show started at 9pm with Witch Diaries, who is an amazingly talented progressive metal instrumental band fronted by a quirky 80 year old man (or is he?) that plays guitar so well it makes you wonder your life choices. Up next was Downfall 2012 who puts on a really entertaining show, complete with a blueman group type of drum-off that occurs while the members seamlessly switch instruments. Be sure to catch them with us in Houston, TX on 2/16 at The 19th Hole!

We took the stage next and played for 80mins while debuting three new songs from the 432 EP that have never been played live before (Raise the Flag, Crash, The Substance of All Things Hoped For). After playing "Hoi Polloi" from our self titled cd we were called back on stage for an encore and former guitarist Josh Klayman graciously joined us on stage to play two old tracks; Revulsion and Now You Know...and the crowd went nuts!

However the show was not done yet, closing out the night while we had some drinks and chatted with our friends/fans was our good friends Nothing in Return who played some straight forward no bs hard rock / metal. The bass player, Donovan, is a long term friend of ours who has been everything from our bus driver to our tshirt supplier...definitely hit him up if you need any screen printing. He also works at Dirty Dog and we definitely want to thank Ben along with all the bartenders for their support of local metal! Be sure to look up all these bands during the week of SXSW as you are bound to catch a free show from all of them. (As always Powderburn will be playing on the always free, Texas Rockfest showcase...keep an eye on their website for the exact day time to be announced!)

If you have any pictures or videos of the show, please let us know by tagging us on our brand new facebook profile.  We love seeing what our fans are able to capture at out shows and we like to feature them whenever possible on our website.


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