Wednesday, January 2, 2008


(January 2nd, 2008 Austin, Texas)

After several months of reviewing candidates and weighing options, Powderburn is pleased to announce that the search for a new lead guitarist has ended. The band wishes to welcome Eric Smith, a Houston native formerly of Swinging Teresa, Pinhed, and Epic, to the fold and hopes that all our fans and friends will join us in doing the same.

Eric brings a new style and energy to the band, and serious soloist chops as well, and is looking forward to display them at the soon-to-be announced Powderburn comeback show in Austin. When asked to comment, he simply said "Live fast, play loud, and fuckin' SLAYER!". Grammatically challenged as he may be, rest assured the man can seriously rock a guitar.

Powderburn will be taking an undisclosed period of time off from touring and recording to acclimate Eric to the band, and write a series of new songs for an upcoming full-length release. "The writing sessions have already begun", says drummer Patrick Swift, " and I cannot believe how ridiculously well the new songs are coming out. We're getting heavier and faster - we just needed some new blood to get things heavy again!"

Be sure to check back to often for the announcement of the band's comeback show, and for everything you ever wanted to know about Eric. A bio page and a link to his MySpace will be added to the site in due course. The band will also soon be releasing a new song in an internet-only form from the last recording sessions with Josh Klayman. As soon as the technical end is sorted out, Powderburn will be announcing the release of "One By One" on the website. Stay tuned. . . .

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